Concord, California
Our Crew
  1. Cynthia Derita -  PRESIDENT
    Cynthia Derita - PRESIDENT
    "When I was younger, stray or lost animals would find me". Cynthia's passion for rescue comes from being around animals her entire life. After having volunteered for many animal shelters and working at different veterinary hospitals in the area, Cynthia co-founded East Bay Animal Rescue. As a dog groomer and as co-founder of the Bay Area Animal Rescue Crew, Cynthia looks forward to where this journey with BAARC will take her and is excited about all the lives that we can save.
  2. Jaimee Rizzotti - SECRETARY
    Jaimee Rizzotti - SECRETARY
    Jaimee, a native Claytonian, feels blessed to be part of such an incredible group of big-hearted folks working together to help to save lives. While living in Colorado, Jaimee volunteered for Muttsavers rescue, where she fostered multiple pooches, and really started to understand the need for rescue groups. Back in California, she fostered for EBARR, and was thrilled at the idea of starting a new rescue. Being organized and administratively strong, she hopes to keep things at BAARC running smooth and efficiently. Dogs were always part of her life, and sweet Lynard, her 7.8lb, 9 year old Min Pin is the apple of her eye.
  3. Lori Gonzales - DIRECTOR OF EVENTS
    Lori Gonzales - DIRECTOR OF EVENTS
    "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated" - Ghandi Lori has lived in the Bay Area her entire life. While she has always been an animal lover, it was social media that ultimately motivated her to get involved in rescue. She joined online communities, where she witnessed rescues and people networking to save lives and knew she had to get involved. Lori is excited about her role as Director of Events and looks forward to helping BAARC save lives.
  4. Florence  & Jerry - DIRECTORS OF ADOPTIONS
    Florence & Jerry - DIRECTORS OF ADOPTIONS
    Florence and Jerry grew up with both dogs and cats. They can't remember a time where they didn't have one or the other in their household. While they have always had an affinity for animals, they had a very special pet BellaBoo who they lost a few years ago. It was then that they decided to adopt through a rescue and learned about the joys of fostering and volunteering. Florence and Jerry couldn't be happier to be part of BAARC, where they feel they can really make a difference to help neglected, abused, and abandoned animals find homes.
    My husband and I have had various types of dogs over the years. When we went to dog shows we would look at the various breeds and I decided I wanted a pug when we were down on dogs as we each had our own dogs when we got married. After our miniature poodle crossed the rainbow bridge it was time to get a pug. She got us into pug rescue. I was with that rescue for 13 yrs. with me being president the last 4 years. I retired from pug rescue but had met Cynthia who worked with our groomer and she told me about this new rescue. We told her we’d like to foster and help this rescue. We actually missed fostering.
  7. Maureen Furgeson - TREASURER
    Maureen Furgeson - TREASURER
  8. Hannah- Photographer & Social Media Consultant
    Hannah- Photographer & Social Media Consultant
    Hannah is the photographer behind Olive & Orange Photography. She has been a longtime advocate of animal rescue and hopes that her pictures make BAARC adoptables more adoptable! Her love of animals started young, but it took some time to convince her parents that she NEEDED a dog. On her 10th birthday, she and her mother went to pick up a young standard poodle, who was found in a dumpster, from a local rescue. She became obsessed with this dog, and her love of animals deepened. Since then, she has also adopted a fluffy mutt from a Southern California animal shelter, named Olive (the inspiration behind Olive & Orange Photography). Her love for animals, family and travel have all inspired her photography.
  9. Stevie Carlson -  DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MEDIA
    "Analyst by day - animal rescue by night". Despite having worked as an analyst for various companies over the years, Stevie has always been extremely passionate about animals and is excited to make rescue a fulfilling part of her life again. Before taking on the corporate world, she worked for another Bay Area rescue - first as an adoption counselor and later, in animal care. Stevie couldn't be more thrilled to be part of BAARC and harness the tools available through social media to help expand the reach of the organization.