Concord, California
  1. Find Homes
    Once an animal has been microchipped, fixed, and has had a wellness check-up, our priority then becomes finding them a loving family.
  2. Rescue
    We take unwanted, abandoned, abused, and stray pets off the streets and out of public shelters. We care for them until we are able to find their forever homes.
  3. Volunteer
    Our mission to rescue homeless animals would be impossible without the help of our many volunteers who dedicate so much of their time to our cause.

Donate Supplies 
Support  your newest local rescue by donating
much needed food & supplies to help
provide for the animals in our care. 

Interested in becoming human to one of our dogs or cats? Please complete this Adoption Application 
and return it to a BAARC via email. 

Adoption Application
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